Product Registration and Presentation

The first step to a successful entry is always the registration process. We can help you avoid common mistakes. After the product has been officially registered for the appropriate category, we will create an effective presentation designed to impress and convince the jury.

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Submission Logistics

We would be happy to take responsibility for the registration, transport and set-up of your product presentation. With our experienced assembly team and extensive services, which even include the final check of the product presentation, we guarantee top-quality results and ensure that the submission process runs smoothly.

Customised Presentations

The best solution is always a presentation that has been custom-designed for your product by award experts. We can take responsibility for either individual elements of the presentation or the complete development of all submission materials. Several examples of our award-winning presentations can be found on our Winners page.

  • Product displays
    The presentation should communicate benefits and innovations in a concise and effective manner. We take every detail into consideration – because the smallest detail can be the difference between an average entry and an award-winning entry.

  • Presentation graphics
    As an additional presentation panel or a component of a product display – the graphics combine text and images for a well-targeted presentation.

  • Texts
    Brief and to-the-point product descriptions. Or even answers to questionnaires, which can be a real challenge. Regardless of the kind of text you need – we are happy to write it for you.

  • Pictorial materials
    For some competitions, the jury asks for pic­tures instead of the actual product – but, in every case, they are essential for later publications. We can take responsibility for shooting product photos or creating photorealistic renderings.

  • Clips
    Many entries cannot be judged without an explanatory video – we provide a complete video production service: from concept development to post-production.

Presentation Kits

Here, you can find an overview of our standard presentation kits, which can be easily adapted to your product. In addition, our assembly team can manage the set-up and take-down of the presentation.

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