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May 31, 2019





IP20 Recruiting Video-Chatbot
Red Dot Award 2019 : Best of the Best
UX Design Award 2019 nominiert
Annual Multimedia Award 2019 Gold Gewinner
Digital Award 2019 Silber
iF Design Award 2019
BoB Award 2018 Shortlist

Aachener Dom – 3D Fly-Through
German Design Award 2017 Winner
Red Dot 2016


“Awards are always a great acknowledgement of a team’s high-quality work. The excellent support and feedback we received from Award Service inspired us to continually strive for new levels of excellence.”
Carlo Matic – Managing Director, Interactive Pioneers GmbH

Our Services:

  • Development of awards strategy
  • Budget and project planning
  • Coordination award-campaigns
  • Design product presentation
  • Conception product clip
  • Images and texts
  • Development of an Award Content Website
  • Registration, transport, set-up, final check and take-down of the presentation
  • Coordination winner services
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