About us

The Award Service team consists of Björn Schamberger and Siegfried Schneider, experts in their field

Even before launching our company in 2007, we had already gained valuable experience in the organisation and management of a world-famous design award. Today, after hundreds of entries and numerous successful nominations, awards and prizes, we are experts in the field. We know exactly how competitions work and how to create award-winning entries.

Björn Schamberger has university degrees in Chinese studies and gained experience in project management working for Siemens and ThyssenKrupp in China. He is responsible for our international clients and the organisation of international award projects. In 2007 he founded the Award Service in partnership with Siegfried Schneider. Since then, he has been working hard to make his clients’ award entries as efficient and successful as possible.

Siegfried Schneider trained as an advertising specialist at the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, where he was responsible for project management and the marketing of the Red Dot Design Award. It was during this period that he first had the idea of founding a business to help companies develop successful entries for award competitions. Together with Björn Schamberger, he put his ideas into action and launched the company Award Service in 2007

Our Winners

We have earned the trust of leading companies and have had the pleasure of creating entries for numerous exciting products. And when it comes to drafting award entries, no challenge is too big. We have even proven that, with the right presentation, products as humble as a thermal insulation system can win product-design awards